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Welcome to The Bees’ Needs 2016

We have started passing out bee blocks for 2016.  If we have not already contacted you to come get your block, you should be hearing from us within the next few days. Our Data Entry Portal and Basic Survey are … Continue reading

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Colorado’s “newest” bee

Megachile apicalis, a species introduced from Europe and a close relative of the alfalfa leaf-cutting bee, has made its way to Colorado, and what a stunner she is!  We reared this bee from one of The Bees’ Needs 2013 bee … Continue reading

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Boulder County Open Space and City of Boulder Open Space blocks

The Bees’ Needs was very excited to receive funding from the Boulder County Parks and Open Space (BCPOS) this Spring to document nesting bee and wasp diversity and abundance in six natural habitat types on BCPOS properties. This research will … Continue reading

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Spring 2015 has Sprung

Welcome to 2015! The Osmia lignaria are flying early this year. If you already have your bee block, make sure it goes up soon, since female O. lignaria are now looking for places to nest. If you’ve registered for a … Continue reading

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Seeing Bee Blocks on Open Space?

Yep, you’re not imagining things. During 2014, City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks partnered up with us to place bee blocks at various trailheads. In the 40 nesting blocks that were placed at 30 trailheads, data on 763 … Continue reading

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Happy Groundhog Day 2015

Since Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow today, it looks like our baby bees and wasps can have 6 more weeks in their cocoons. During the winter months, your bees and wasps are in diapause. Most of them spend the winter … Continue reading

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Bees of the Week: genus Coelioxys

Scientific name: Coelioxys Common name: Leaf-cutting cuckoo bee Family: Megachilidae Nest type: parasitize active nests of Megachile Size: 8-12 mm Nest tunnels used: 3/16″ to 7/16″ Looks like: black with white hair stripes; legs maybe black or red; females always have a long, … Continue reading

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