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Bee of the Week: Osmia lignaria

Scientific name: Osmia lignaria Common name: Orchard mason bee, Blue orchard bee Family: Megachilidae, includes leaf-cutter and mason bees Nest type: Mud Size: ~1/2″ Nest tunnels used: Prefer 1/4″ and 5/16″ but may use a variety of sizes Looks like: … Continue reading

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Spider, man

It’s not just Bees and Wasps that live in our bee blocks, Spiders like to call the blocks home as well. They are quite active in the spring, and we frequently see webs. (Hey, it beats finding an empty block!) … Continue reading

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So one of the goals for The Bees’ Needs is to provide nesting sites for our native solitary wood-nesting bee species. If block 131150 is any indication, it looks like we are doing pretty well. Here’s the story – In … Continue reading

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The Mason Bee and the Snail

Forget all the drilling we’re doing! What we need to do is recruit some snails to our study. Check out this cool video on a species of Osmia (a cousin to our Mason bees from “across the pond”) that makes … Continue reading

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The Bees’ Needs has hit the trails

The Bees’ Needs is spreading to public lands.  We have partnered with the City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks to place bee blocks at 30 trailheads around Boulder. These will begin popping up in mid-May. See if you … Continue reading

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