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Insects of the Week: Eumenids and Chrysidids

Lucky you! This week there are two different insects to learn about, and both are wasps. Let’s start with Eumenids. Scientific name: Eumeninae, including members of the genera Euodynerus, Ancistrocerus, Stenodynerus, Symmorphus Common name: Eumenids, potter or mason wasps Family: Vespidae, subfamily Eumeninae … Continue reading

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Resource Spotlight: BugGuide

The best time of year is here—the season of barbecues and bike rides and staying up late to watch the sunset. Summer is in full swing, and that means you’ll be hosting lots of unique, interesting guests in your bee block … Continue reading

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Insect of the Week: Passaloecus sp.

Scientific name: Passaloecus (pronounced Pass-uh-LEE-kus) Common name: Aphid wasps Family: Crabronidae (subfamily Pemphredoninae) Nest type: Resin (sap and pitch), sometimes supplemented with bits of debris, both for walls between nest cells and for nest plugs Size: 1/4 to 3/4″ long, … Continue reading

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