Where did my nest go?

You are not going crazy.  We’ve had several incidence of nest usurpation and supersedures.  This is where one species overtakes the nest of another species, sometimes completely ripping out a finished nest!  Evil, I know, but this tells us that nesting sites are at a premium.

Here’s what happened in my block.  On June 29th, I had a nicely completed nest of a “debris” wasp (Solierella sp.) in tunnel J3.  When I was out photographing my block on July 7th, I noticed J3 looked empty, but after awhile, I saw a bee in the tunnel.  Hmm.  Looks like the Solierella nests in the column 4 holes are safe, but nests in the column 3 holes are vulnerable.

Loose debris plug

Loose debris plug

I see you peeking out.

Bee peeking out.

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