Spider Webs

What a CRAZY snow-filled spring.  So far the only things in my family’s Bee Block have been an earwig, a very cold queen yellowjacket (these will not nest in the Bee Blocks), and spiders – LOTS of spiders.  The spider webs that have appeared in our block recently have included a lot of sawdust.  How do I know these are spider webs?  As a true arachnophobe, I have a 6th sense in locating anything “spider”, but to confirm my suspicions, I poked the sawdust with a toothpick and there was the tell-tale tension and bounce associated with the dread spider webs.  If you are finding sawdust plugs, check to see if they are actually dirty spider webs.  If they are sawdust covered spider webs, please record them as spider webs.  We also recommend that you leave them be, as the spiders need homes too.

Image Image

Now that Spring appears to have finally arrived, I hope to get some BEES in our Bee Block!

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